Our business model revolves around giving small and medium business best of breed products in a price model that they can afford and a support model that helps them get maximum ROI out of their technology investments.

Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange services allows Small Businesses to utilize Microsoft Exchange and Active Sync technology, without the overhead and costs of maintaining your own e-mail server, in the cloud.  Small Businesses benefit the most from a Hosted Exchange platform.

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Managed IT Services

CCS Insight is a full featured managed services IT solution.  It allows CCS engineers the capabilities to fully monitor your network, servers, and workstations, identifying risks, faults, and issues before they become critical.  With 24/7 network monitoring…

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With virtualization, you can launch a new server, increase memory or processing power, and expand storage in minutes, as opposed to hours.  Virtualization also makes disaster recovery more possible, offering you peace of mind and greater flexibility…

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Get A Free Quote

Unlike our competition, CCS provides free onsite quotes for all new clients and projects.  There is never an obligation, no upfront costs, and nothing to lose.  Let us know how we can help your business today.

Our Website Portfolio

CCS uses a wide scale of web technologies from HTML, CSS, Java, PHP, Flash, .Net, and SQL to deliver websites, mobile applications/mobile websites, and custom built portals according to your requirements and business needs.

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